No Judgment Diet
“You made it easy, you made it streamlined, you made it sexy...you made it easy to grow the business. We couldn't have gone where we did these last six months without you."

Katherine McIntosh
Access Consciousness Facilitator | Coach
Write For Her
“Knowing I don’t have to figure it out all by myself is a huge relief…Now I can confidently take my business to the next level at a much more accelarated pace with Carolyn’s help and expertise.”

Angela Tanger 
Author | Coach
Beautiful Balanced Brain
"Wow...If you have an opportunity to work with Carolyn and Matts please take action. The process was fun, enjoyable and rewarding. I have played with video myself doing little info commercials and I am not shy in front of a camera but I could not create the quality, message and product that Carolyn and Mats so beautifully produced. From the pre- work to shooting the video to adding the additional content and pictures the process was so easy and flowed... ."

Louise Swartswalter 
Beautiful, Balanced Brain Expert 
Business SOULutions
"I'm at the stage now where I know I have to take it to another level...it feels so good to be done. And I know, 
I have the materials to just go out and get some 
amazing gigs...this is a game-changer"

Danielle Isaac
Speaker | Bestselling Author
 Life Mastery Coach & Business Consultant

Wealth Legacy Group
"I was blown away...the support that they gave us from the start to the finish was par excellence. So much more than I could ever imagine. They treated us like rockstars the entire day."

Emily Bouchard
Speaker | Author
Managing Partner Wealth Legacy Group
this feels so much easier now
"As a small business owner I wanted to up level my marketing, but with all the moving parts it’s just so overwhelming – there’s just so much! A lot of this feels so much easier now, I have you now...it just feels more doable. I just need to have my hand held. You’re holding my hand. Thank you!"
Joey Raines
Master Healer
amazing in assisting me with my launch...truly exceptional
“Carolyn Shadrach was amazing in assisting me with my launch. Her expertise, professionalism and thoroughness were outstanding, and truly exceptional. She was very generous with her time, support and attention. She went above and beyond in providing me with great content to use and had wonderful systems in place that made implementing her suggestions really easy... I’m so grateful for her help. ”
Dr. Eve Agee, PHD, MA, ACC
 Bestselling Author | Coach
Mats is a genius behind the camera
“The process and experience of working with Core Story Branding was fantastic…working with Carolyn, as she guided me along the way to help prepare me for the actual experience of being video taped …and having Mats expertise - he is a genius behind the camera.”
Howard Fox
 Bestselling Author | Coach
lean on my recommendation 
"If you are looking for new photos, or storytelling video, I invite you to lean on my recommendation and reach out sooner than later because you know they are going to become more and more in demand. :) Happiness is new friends with extraordinary talent."
Andrea J Lee
Activist | Entrepreneur | Speaker | Author  Mentor to Business Owners
captured the essence of my message
“I’ve worked with a number of video crews in the past, but this was totally different. I knew that I needed a team that would take my marketing to the next level and Carolyn and Mats did exactly that. 
They captured the essence of my message in a way that I couldn’t have even imagined. Working with them was amazing, they made the whole process fun and stress-free so that I could focus on my message and show up authentically”
Satori Mateu
Bestselling Author | Speaker | Coach
relaxed, fun, and very high quality
"I've had previous experience on camera and their work was above and beyond what I've seen in this industry. Not only do they have vast technical experience, they know what it takes to capture someone's core essence on camera and help draw out the story that pulls it all together. I loved the experience with them and was impressed by their ability to make the shoot feel relaxed, fun, and very high quality. "
Maria Johnson
Bestselling Author | Speaker | Coach
Rediscovering YOU
“I'm so glad you found your blessing Carolyn, because you truly are gifted in your work. I am blessed to have had your hands and heart on mission, so I can go out and have a bigger impact on the world, one mom at a time. Thank you for capturing the essence of what I'm up to so beautifully."

Pamela Zimmer 
Bestselling Author | Speaker
Captivate the Crowd
“They made me feel calm and supported so I could be my most authentic self on camera.”

Elaine Williams
 Speaker | Coach | Author
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